Let it out – it’s time for an Emotional Detox

We live in an age where detox diets are recommended for everything from emotional upsets to digestive turmoil and even for kick-starting a new career. But when was the last time you thought about doing an emotional detox?  We are subjected to negative emotions and conditioning from the moment we are old enough to understand and we are all, living in a stressful and disconnected world that inevitably takes an emotional toll.

The negative emotions we experience don’t simply vanish they are stored in our bodies. Yes, that’s right emotions are not stored within the mind but within our cellular bodies. In varying degrees, the pain and suffering we experience from holding on to stagnant and negative emotions can become toxic to our vital life force …. if we don’t let go and release them.

Releasing negative emotions is not as easy as just recognizing how painful and damaging they are, but it is certain that recognition that you need to take action is a very important step.

A Few Tips To Help You Detox

There are a few useful steps that you can take as you prepare to embark on an emotional detox journey:

  1. Let it out, don’t try to hold back your emotions for the sake of others.
  2. Don’t hold back the tears.
  3. Don’t immerse yourself in work in order to bury your emotions, this includes don’t answer emails or take calls. 
  4. Facebook can be the ultimate distraction from your emotions, so sometimes we need to unplug from social media in order to really feel.
  5. Allow yourself to feel, it’s not so much feeling sorry for yourself as just allowing yourself to address how you are truly and authentically feeling.
  6. Be kind to yourself…extend yourself the same courtesy that you would others
  7. Take a break and do something positive for you…whether that is a long soak in the bath, reading a good book or taking a short break.
  8. Let go of anything you don’t have to do – at least for the day or week
  9. Go easy on media and be very careful about getting sucked into comparing your life to the ‘’perfect life’’ that is portrayed by the media. Don’t watch or engage in any activity that makes you feel worse.
  10. Surround yourself with things, people, books, pets who connect you to You and have a positive and supportive effect on you. 
  11. Focus on the positives
  12. Indulge in activities that warm your heart
  13. Put on a comedy show and have a good laugh
  14. Cultivate more compassion for yourself. 
  15. Turn your stereo up and dance around your house when no-one is there to watch you, enjoy the freedom and rhythm…you’ll be amazed how it will perk you up.
  16. Keep away from ‘comfort’ foods instead eat light meals and alkaline foods…it will really boost your energy.