Why is Emotional Detox Important?

Scientific research has shown that emotions are not held within the body, but in the body’s cellular memory, so perhaps it’s about time that we stopped treating our physical and emotional body’s as two entirely separate entities.

Indeed emotional detoxing is just as important, if not more important than any physical detoxing regimes you follow in order to attain optimum health.  Because an emotional detox allows you to rid yourself of toxic, stuck emotional patterns, barriers and stored negative traumas.

”Emotional Detox allows you to let go of the past & to start living here and now!”

”It allows you to start living with freedom & without fear or negativity”.

By removing the negative baggage based in fear, anger, sadness, disgust, envy, and jealousy you create space to add more fulfilling and nourishing emotions including  joy, happiness, love, trust and kindness.

How can studying an Emotional Detox Course be of benefit?

We all know that negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression make us feel terrible, but what is not so obvious is the damage that these emotions can have on our physical bodies and overall health. Scientific research has now proven that negative emotions can have a negative impact on our physical health.

Indeed research has shown that negative emotions wreak havoc with the body’s hormone balance, depleting the brain of the natural chemicals it requires for positive feelings such as happiness. Furthermore, long term negative emotions damage the immune system and emotions such as anger are linked to cardiac conditions.

We are naturally programmed to assess potential threats and hazards by using past experiences and traumas as a guide.  However, when we hold on to stagnant and negative emotions our powerful self-preservation instinct can take over and make us so negative and  risk-averse that we are in a constant state of alert. This leads to us being both exhausted and to us firmly closing the door on happiness and new experiences.

Our Emotional Detox courses are designed to help you:

  • Understand what emotions are
  • Understand what emotional detox is and its effects
  • Understand how our emotions impact on all elements of our life and body
  • Become aware of your emotions.
  • Understand how emotions are stored within the bodies cellular memory
  • Learn bodywork techniques to release negative emotions stored within the body
  • Learn how to release toxicity & start living joyfully
  • Learn practical methods to improve every element of your life with Emotional Detox
  • Learn how to transform frustration, disempowerment, lack of self esteem and health damage through negative emotions.
  • How to create a new career as an emotional detox therapist
  • Skills to help you increase your turnover in complementary therapy