Learn to heal yourself and awaken others through the Emotional Detox – Holistic Body Therapy online training. The course is ideal for people who are single, single parent, undergoing a career change, going back to work, looking for part-time or full-time work, interested in health, well-being, diet, spirituality, career, self-employment, natural health, and holistic therapy.

  • Freedom, Flexibility & Finance

    If you are thinking of pursuing a holistic therapy course but do not have the time to attend a traditional college, then take this Emotional Detox online course today. With the Emotional Detox courses, you can study online, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to study whenever it suits you best – day or night. You can study on your own schedule and never have to worry about missing a lesson or not understanding a lesson the first time around. You can access your course 24/7. Finances are also available.

  • Career Prospects

    a) Collect CPD points to enhance your existing profession.

    c) Work from home or as a mobile Holistic Body Therapist

    d) Work part-time or full-time hours that suit you

    e) Work as an Emotional Detox Body Therapist after the CPD-accredited practical training

  • Accreditation of Learning

    a) High-quality online training with video graphics

    b) Multiple choice questions makes it easier to pass exams

    c) Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation

    e) Finances available to be repaid over 12 months

Why is Emotional Detox Important?

Why is Emotional Detox Important?

When it comes to detoxing, we tend to think about physical detoxing strategies and our minds tend to turn to thoughts of clean eating and fasts. Indeed you can find hundreds, if not thousands of websites, books, and articles outlining countless ways to eliminate impurities and cleanse the body and whilst these can be beneficial it is also important to clear negative emotions from the body and mind.

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