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Emotional Detox training allows you to rid yourself and your clients of toxic, stuck emotional patterns, barriers and stored traumas

By removing the stagnant and negative emotional baggage based in fear, anger, sadness, disgust, envy, and indignation you naturally create room for positive emotions and experiences – more joy, love, trust, exhilaration and kindness

The field of complementary therapy is one that has grown considerably over the past decade and it has become a highly competitive field; making attracting new clients a tougher challenge than ever before, offering something different that clients are really needing and tuned in is a great business strategy. Emotional Detox offers something unique but not niche.  After all who doesn’t want to rid themselves of negative emotions?

Through the unique clothes-on bodywork routine that Emotional Detox trains it is possible to help the client to both connect to their body, their subtle body and their deep psyche and to release deep-seated negative emotions.

Emotional Detox Holistic Body therapy facilitates the release of deep-seated negative emotions from deep within the body’s cellular memory. We teach the client to respond to the release techniques with sound and body movement to assist the process and the results are visible. This is very different to massage and other methods of emotional detox.

The benefits of this treatment are clear for the client, but for anyone either looking to add a new therapy to their existing business or begin a new career as a complementary therapist the benefits are very strong, after full training:

  • You’ll be able to detox your own life
  • You’ll have the knowledge & tools to assist clients verbally & practically
  • The bodywork can be performed with clothes on, so its noninvasive
  • No specialist equipment required
  • Broad appeal – men & women of all ages need this treatment
  • Low set up costs – train and your away
  • No mess or need for towels, oils etc.

Emotional Detox is a really worthwhile and desirable therapy that can act as a great magnet for your complementary therapy business.