Emotional Detox through Holistic Body Therapy

We develop two types of toxins during our life time

  1. Physical toxins
  2. Emotional toxins

Physical toxins get stored in our physical body due to what we eat, drink, breath, life style, lack of exercises etc., while emotional toxins get stored in our emotional body due to our past trauma, emotions and belief systems. Both these toxins together make our body into an acidic environment which is a haven for parasites, bacteria, viruses, cancer etc. to grow in our body making us unhealthy, stressed, depressed and dysfunctional.

Our natural reaction against dealing with emotional pain is to seek comfort through negative coping strategies such as spending(buying on impulse), using food for consolation, abuse prescribed or street drugs etc. Most of them will provide comfort for a short time but the danger is that the body will then develop a biochemical chain reaction to formulate addictions to comfort emotions. Once the addictions are developed you seek external stimulus not necessarily to comfort emotions, but due to addictions. This vicious cycle then becomes extremely difficult to reverse, making you unhealthy at every level

Emotional coping strategies:

  1. Abuse alcohol, stimulants, or cigarettes.
  2. Over spending: Buying on impulse/ spending  lots of time shopping or gambling
  3. Promiscuity or sex addiction
  4. Eating: Keep binging and/or purging. (Use food for consolation)
  5. Become Dependent on: Prescription Medication such as pain killers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants

On the other hand our natural reaction against dealing with physical toxins is to dilute the toxicity by retaining water in cellular level to prevent death from excessive toxins. This water retention mainly in adipose cells (fat storing cells) make us look bigger, fat and lethargic

This dual toxicity make us blocked physically, emotionally and spiritually which is our third body called Spiritual body. All three bodies communicate with one another and interlinked. When one body gets blocked, it can influence the other. Also one body can heal the other to unblock

By simply changing the environment into an alkaline using both physical and emotional detox we get rid of the most damaging parasites and remove illnesses from the body making us healthy and happy

Holistic Body Therapy(HBT) is not just an ordinary massage, but it’s a journey that you go through from where ever you are, in the present moment to where ever you want to end up in this healing journey. Each treatment is tailor made to your personal needs and your comfort. Massage can be performed with clothes, partly clothed or on an unclothed body using essential oils.

Each layer of clothes may represent an emotion such as shame, fear or mistrust and the same way, the body is also made with layers of emotions. With HBT massage you are helped to peel off these negative layers of emotions from the body like pealing an onion. HBT treat both your physical body and Emotional body while other massages mostly treat your physical body.

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We believe that from the moment we are born, we are affected by events that happen to us – from emotional distress, physical injuries, illness, infections or trauma – even the cultural and religious beliefs which are developed during the course of our lives. These negative emotions as a result of trauma stores in our body cellular memory, causing muscular tension due to body armouring which restricts the correct function of organs, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. It is these negative, emotional effects of these events and memories get locked deep down in the molecules of the body’s cells which can lead to ill health, stress and dysfunction.

The body’s natural reaction to deal with emotional pain is to manifest it as physical pain in order to alert us to our problems and enable us to do something about it. If the message is ignored at this stage, expert in self-discovery, Dr Jack Painter, believes that the body’s next option is to go into body armouring and numbness, where you don’t feel anything. Painter feels that when this state of numbness occurs, we begin to shut down one or more of our five senses and lose sensitivity and the ability to feel pleasure.  A numb body is more susceptible to illness and day to day stresses as it is unable to process its natural energy flow. Holistic Body Therapy has the potential to unlock these physical and emotional restrictions to restore health to the mind and body by reconnecting balance between the two and allowing all negativity to be fully processed and released.

Here at Emotional Detox Academy we keep up to date with the latest expert and scientific findings and research into wellbeing and health, so that we can incorporate what we learn into our own Holistic Body Therapy philosophy. One of the messages we like to promote is that by world renowned neuroscientist, Dr Candace Pert, whose work on the molecules of emotion is highly regarded by medical professionals. She says: “Health is much more than the absence of illness. Wellness is trusting in the ability and desire of your body/mind to heal and improve itself given half a chance. Take responsibility for your health – and illness.”  Regular Holistic Body Therapy massage is one of the ways in which you can take responsibility for your own health, and by doing so, we can help you to achieve optimum wellbeing and happiness…

During our research into the reasons why you would choose to have a body massage, it was revealed that although most people receive a massage due to a physical symptom such as back and shoulder ache, only 17% have massage for purely physiological reasons, while 83% have massage for psychological  (emotional) reasons which have manifested into physiological symptoms.

Although most clinics and beauty salons cater for general aches and pains by offering traditional massage, we sometimes find that this may just be a temporary fix and many people want to be treated on a much deeper level.  In order to meet such needs, we offer a series of Holistic Body Therapy massages and accompanying training courses pioneered with the findings of Dr Jack Painter and Dr Candace Pert in mind. With the theory that physical pain has an emotional connection, we aim to provide pain relief by providing an integration of many deep tissue massage techniques, drawing on both Eastern and Western traditions.

For the more intricate process of releasing emotion, there are three key elements we encourage you to try during the treatment simultaneously. There is no right or wrong way of doing any of them. What is comfortable for you is the right way to actively receive the massage. Deep and slow bodywork will evoke deeply embedded emotions and the following three keys will help disperse the negative stagnant emotions and make space for positive emotions, feelings and actions.

Three Keys

  1. Breathe
  2. Movement
  3. Sound



The most important of all is breathing. The conscious use of breath has been known for thousands of years, and is documented extensively in the literature of Yoga. However, you don’t have to be an advanced yoga practitioner to benefit – it all starts with a simple inhalation through the nose and exhalation through the mouth.

To be conscious is the key – to notice the breath, breathe in deeply through the nose, and then slowly exhale through the mouth. This brings the thinking mind to a pause as we focus on the movement of the air.  Aim to quiet the mind and activate its ability to deeply feel what is going on in our body. During Holistic Body Therapy massage, the therapist will evoke both physical and emotional toxins from every cell in the body and deep breathing will help expel and eliminate these toxins that have accumulated and stagnated in the body for many years.

Imagine every cell in our body is a box containing lifelong emotions. Deep bodywork will open the lids of these boxes filled with negative emotions and every breath will release and letting go of these negative stagnant lifelong emotions as a result of trauma.

Emotional Release



Another key is one that is often missed in traditional western massage:  Movement of the body. We do not have to be completely passive when receiving a massage. Your body knows better than anyone where, when and how it wants to receive touch. If you like a certain stroke, you can literally enjoy it by moving as you feel it – think of how animals, such as a cat or dog, respond when they are enjoying your touch.  It can also be delightful to let go so completely into the therapist’s hands that you have no desire to move around – but be aware that if you feel like moving, that is fine and good. When the massage is releasing an emotion in your body, use movement to help express whatever the emotion is. This can be a very simple action, but may profoundly affect the release. Remember a rigid body will safely contain the emotions while a fluid, moving body will disperse the negative emotions and embrace positive emotions and pleasure.

Imagine how a snake moves forward by moving its body and the energy in our body moves forward the same way. If you tie a stick along the snakes body with a string make the snake rigid, snake will not be able to move forward. Similarly, when our body is rigid our energy become stagnant, stuck and blocked.

During Holistic Body Therapy, the massage therapist will stretch your body into yoga postures to help you loosen up and enable you to feel free to express your emotions through body movement. According to Dr Jack Painter, yoga postures help you to get in touch with the intrinsic muscles in the body that a manual therapist can’t reach. Your body will be rocked and lifted during Holistic Body Therapy massage as pelvic lifting helps you to unlock body armouring and tension held in the area due to sexual suppression, while rocking (or Hawaiian pulsing) helps to gently reconnect you to the mother’s womb and early childhood allowing you to feel comfort and security.

To Summarise, a rigid body will hold on firmly to the body armouring and tension, while body movement will help you let go of long held emotions and physical pain. Your therapist will also give you advice on daily body movement exercises incorporating breath work to help you connect with your body. Yoga (especially Kundalini yoga), Pilates or any simple daily body stretches will help you to loosen up physically and mentally.


An aspect of receiving a massage is also a much overlooked one – that of making sounds. These can range from a contented sigh, to a full expression of strong emotion – and all are welcome! So many times in our society we are forced to swallow words and feelings without expressing them, and this, unsurprisingly, results in them being stored in the cellular memory of our body. Verbal expression is one of the key ways to disperse the negative emotions we may be holding there. Using sounds or words can help enormously with the release of this stored emotional and physical tension.

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