The Purpose of Emotional Detox

Imagine you are driving into work, knowingly 5 minutes late and scheduled to meet with an important client. You feel pressed for time, but are optimistic that you can still make the appointment on time. Then you hit road works and you can see the time slipping away, now your are 12 minutes late, 15 minutes late, 18 minutes late. You start to feel hot as the second click by. Just as you get past the roadwork’s you end up stuck behind a car going 20 miles under the speed limit and it’s making you even later than you already are. You are now 25 minutes late and you can’t get past the car that’s holding you up. How do you see yourself reacting to this? Would you be angrily beeping your horn? Yelling or gesticulating? Would you be distraught, shaking the steering wheel and crying “Why me? Why now?”  Would you be crying and pleading for the car in front to just get out of the way?

I ask this because our day to day life will always have stressful and unpredicted issues pop up and it’s how we respond to them that reflects what kind of stagnant and trapped emotions we are storing. Was your response angry? Frustrated? Hopeless? Disgusted? Disproportionate?  If so, then you may be ripe for an emotional detox.

So many of us repress our emotions or get stuck in a repetitive cycle. When we are hurt by someone or something it often appears easiest to ignore it and suppress it deep within or to get angry.  Anger is a strong emotion that makes us feel in control and powerful so it’s hard to move away from anger to the other more vulnerable emotions like grief. It also takes little to no work at all to draw out your anger but to forgive, to experience and release, that can often be a painful or uncomfortable experience that takes lots of work to achieve.

An emotional detox allows you to rid yourself of toxic, stuck, stagnant emotional patterns, barriers and stored traumas.  By removing the negative baggage based in fear, anger, sadness, disgust, envy, and indignation you create room to add more joy, love, trust, anticipation, inner calm and kindness.

Releasing negative emotions allows you to experience bliss and to become a more open, free and joyful person that exudes and attracts positivity.

I encourage you to let go of negativities and to stop your past defining or weighing you down through the power of emotional detox.