Emotional Detox Apart From Being the New Fad

Emotional detox is quite a necessity in our current day and time. Our fast paced lives in the rat race of a life; rarely gives people the opportunity to consciously breathe and live in the moment. Sadly despite the growth in technology humans are distantly connected from others and themselves. Life is indeed far better and easier but one must recuperate, rejuvenate and renew oneself to stay ahead and in pace. This is where emotional detox plays a vital in staying connected to oneself helping one tune into their surroundings to be at optimum.  Detox is a current fad among people; many assume it to be at a physical level and do not consider it to be at an emotional level. What lies within shapes what lies on the outside.

Emotional detox is required to remove the stress of the mundane and mediocre. Emotional detox in the commercial arena can be offered in various forms. Trending and mainstream methods for emotional detox such as physical spa massages, workshops for brain activity, vacationing and so on do not provide the essence nor the actual results required.

Tantric Journey clearly understands if what lies within can be renewed naturally what is displayed on the outside will take a positive form. And my treatment of Deep Body Work for Emotional Release provides emotional detox.  My Sacred Spot massage uses different stages to cleanse. And one of the prominent stages of emotional detox doing the Sacred Spot Massage is meditation. Meditation is the art of centering your thoughts and entering a state of absence.

My aim during the Sacred Spot massage is to reprogram the client’s body from a negative state to a positive state. But this is done with care during this emotional detox as during the sacred spot massage the emotional release can be a fragile process. During the emotional release the negative feelings that have been silently lurking inside the client but with no notice or recognition tend to surface and as an usual scenario during the Sacred Spot massage the client is felt violated showcasing resentment towards the emotional detox practitioner, in this case – me.

For the last two decades my in-depth research on emotional detox through the Sacred spot massage has been my passion. And after careful study and observation and after nearly treating over 3000 females, clear positive and astounding results have been obtained.