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EMOTIONAL DETOX is the personal transformation technique that heals the hidden causes of physical, psychological and life problems.  It works by accessing and releasing negative emotions stored within the body.

You may have come up against some old, perhaps painful or obstinate emotions and you may have been surprised by their existence, or by the vigor with which they reminded you of their existence. It is highly common for people to experience negative emotional material from their past because the body is a remarkable storage device for unprocessed thoughts and feelings. Most people spend a lifetime depositing unresolved emotional issues and emotional trauma throughout the body; indeed all sorts of memories get lodged in the body’s tissues Emotional Detox helps you cleanse yourself of deep rooted negative emotions at cellular level, allowing you to get peace from these past events releasing any negative emotions in relation to what happened.

Emotional Detox does not require you to dwell on painful memories and does not require you to talk about your experiences; instead it is a powerful and deeply healing technique that allows negative emotions to be dispersed from your body.

Unresolved Emotional Issues Can Become Toxic to the Body

Whilst your physical body is always trying to come up with coping strategies to deal with all the negative emotions stored within it, eventually it runs out of space, or the strain becomes too big a burden. Then the price comes due for your long-term emotional storage: your unresolved, stored emotions become toxic to the body and will start to make you ill and your system becomes ripe for disease to take hold.

The courses and training offered here teaches about unresolved emotional issues and body-wide toxicity and provides practical strategies for releasing this subtle level of toxicity.