Emotional Release through Bodywork


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Emotional Detox through Bodywork is a deep and powerful healing technique. This deeply transformative emotional release technique enables negative emotions to be located, accessed and released, removing energy blocks and facilitating fluid energy flow.

During this course, you will learn both valuable theoretical knowledge of this fascinating field as well as practical techniques.

After studying this course, the student will come to understand the following:

  • Emotional detox hands-free bodywork techniques,
  • holistic anatomy,
  • the meaning and effectiveness of bodywork techniques for trauma release,
  • the theory of trauma and natural responses,
  • how emotions are stored in the body,
  • the significance of the 5 gateways,
  • how negative emotions can be released,
  • the Chakra and meridian systems,
  • breathing and relaxation techniques,
  • postural observations,
  • grounding and protection techniques.

At the end of this course, the student will be familiar with what emotional detox bodywork involves and what a back and front bodywork sequence looks like. They will have gained valuable training that will assist them in moving onto practicing the 10 Step Body Sequence in the next course.

The course is divided into the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Emotional Release
  • Lesson 2: Introduction to Hands Free Technique
  • Lesson 3: Holistic Anatomy
  • Lesson 4: Bodywork for Trauma
  • Lesson 5: Trauma Natural Response
  • Lesson 6: How Emotions are Stored in the Body
  • Lesson 8: The Five Gateways
  • Lesson 9: Releasing Negative Emotions
  • Lesson 10: Understanding the Chakras
  • Lesson 11: Breathing, Relaxation Techniques
  • Lesson 12: Postural Observations, Grounding and Protection
  • Lesson13: Emotional Detox Diary
  • Lesson 14: Legal, Ethical & Professional Considerations
  • Lesson 15: Branding, How To Promote Yourself & Launch Your Career as a Practitioner
  • Lesson 16: Preparing for Practical Work
  • Lesson 17: The Next Step


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