Package 3: Emotional Detox Bodywork (3,120 CPD Points)

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Emotional Detox Bodywork (3,120 CPD Points)

1. Emotional Detox clothes on bodywork Practical Training

Practical Training is held in London, UK every 3 months

– 4 days practical training (2040 CPD points)
– Emotional Detox seminar (20 CPD points)
– 10 x Case study assessments and Certification

2. Online Theory Course A – H (1060 CPD Points)

A. Understanding Emotional Detox (60 CPD points)

Understanding What Emotions are and How Emotions Become Trapped in the Body & can be released through bodywork. We know that emotional trauma is held in the soft tissues of the body. The concept of tissue memory is fundamental to our understanding of the connection between bodywork and emotional trauma release.

After studying this course, a student should be able to understand the following:

  • what emotions are and the relationship between emotions and the limbic system,
  • the components of an emotion,
  • the purpose of emotions,
  • what the Aura is,
  • identifying the chakras.

Emotional Detox through Bodywork is a deep and powerful healing technique. This deeply transformative emotional release technique enables negative emotions to be located, accessed and released, removing energy blocks and facilitating fluid energy flow.

During this course, you will study 7 lessons:

Lesson 1: What are Emotions?
Lesson 2: Every Emotion has a Purpose
Lesson 3: Energy in Motion
Lesson 4: The Aura
Lesson 5: Meridian System
Lesson 6: Chakra System
Lesson 7: Bodywork and Trauma Release

B. Preparing for Emotional Detox – part 1 & 2 (125 CPD points)

This course is designed to help you prepare for the treatment of clients and practical training sessions. This is essential training for anyone who wishes to progress to performing Emotional Detox through Bodywork sessions and wants to become a professional practitioner.

This course will require you to practice the techniques explained in the coursework and the course videos. We recommend that students record these practices in their journals.

After studying this course, a student should be able to:

  • understand how to create a therapy space,
  • understand the preparations necessary to be an effective therapist,
  • know the techniques for accepting, feeling and dispersing stagnant negative emotions,
  • know about personal invocations and how to formulate them,
  • understand personal care techniques for therapist wellbeing,
  • understand what kundalini energy is and where it is positioned in the body,
  • know what an active dynamic kundalini meditation is,
  • experience the practical exercise of an active dynamic kundalini meditation,
  • learn a variety of soul and heart connection techniques, including eye gazing, connection with conscious touch, giving a voice to body parts, connecting with the five senses (gateways).

The course is arranged over the following 5 lessons:

Lesson 1: Creating Therapy Space and Therapist Preparations
Lesson 2: Understanding Kundalini Energy and Active Dynamic Kundalini Meditation Techniques
Lesson 3: Introduction to Soul and Heart Connection Techniques
Lesson 4: Eye Gazing Ritual
Lesson 5: Soul and Heart Connection Rituals

C. Emotional release through bodywork (150 CPD points)

This two-part course is designed to prepare you for treating clients with the technique known as Emotional Detox through Bodywork. It is essential that you follow this course before moving on to learning the practical techniques taught in the Emotional Detox Release Course and the Ten Step Emotional Detox Bodywork Sequence. This course focuses on personal care and teaches you important techniques such as breathing and discovering your senses.

During this Course, you will learn the following:

Part 1

  1. Best Practices for Preparing for a Treatment Session
  2. Grounding Techniques
  3. Therapist Self Care – How You May Feel After a Session
  4. Cleansing and Harmonizing the Client’s Aura

Part 2

  1. What is Kundalini Meditation?
  2. Lesson Preparing for Kundalini Meditation
  3. Meditation Techniques and Best Practices
  4. Connecting with Your Senses. 
D. Preparing for practical Emotional Detox through body therapy (150 CPD points)

Emotional Detox through Bodywork is a deep and powerful healing technique. This deeply transformative emotional release technique enables negative emotions to be located, accessed and released, removing energy blocks and facilitating fluid energy flow.

During this course, you will learn both valuable theoretical knowledge of this fascinating field as well as practical techniques. 

After studying this course, the student will come to understand the following:

  • Emotional detox hands-free bodywork techniques,
  • holistic anatomy,
  • the meaning and effectiveness of bodywork techniques for trauma release,
  • the theory of trauma and natural responses,
  • how emotions are stored in the body,
  • the significance of the 5 gateways,
  • how negative emotions can be released,
  • the Chakra and meridian systems,
  • breathing and relaxation techniques,
  • postural observations,
  • grounding and protection techniques.

At the end of this course, the student will be familiar with what emotional detox bodywork involves and what a back and front bodywork sequence looks like. They will have gained valuable training that will assist them in moving onto practicing the 10 Step Body Sequence in the next course.

The course is divided into the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Emotional Release
Lesson 2: Introduction to Hands Free Technique
Lesson 3: Holistic Anatomy
Lesson 4: Bodywork for Trauma
Lesson 5: Trauma Natural Response
Lesson 6: How Emotions are Stored in the Body
Lesson 8: The Five Gateways
Lesson 9: Releasing Negative Emotions
Lesson 10: Understanding the Chakras
Lesson 11: Breathing, Relaxation Techniques
Lesson 12: Postural Observations, Grounding and Protection
Lesson13: Emotional Detox Diary
Lesson 14: Legal, Ethical & Professional Considerations
Lesson 15: Branding, How To Promote Yourself & Launch Your Career as a Practitioner
Lesson 16: Preparing for Practical Work
Lesson 17: The Next Step

E. No Hands deep body work – 2-part course (50 CPD points)
F. Ten step Emotional Detox Clothes on Bodywork sequence video training (350 CPD points)

This course shows you step-by-step the full 5 step sequence for the back and the 5-step front emotional detox through bodywork sequence.

During this course, we look in depth at the pulse points and the science behind them at each of the ten steps in the sequence and the best practices for achieving optimum results from an emotional detox through bodywork treatment. You will be required to watch the video seminars, practice the techniques demonstrated, and complete an exam to check your knowledge.

Lesson 1: Back 5 Sequence
Lesson 2: Front 5-Step Sequence
Lesson 3: Pulse Points
Lesson 4: Best Practices

G. Recognising & Understanding Healing Crisis for holistic therapists (50 CPD points)

As a holistic therapist, you have most probably chosen your career because of a desire to help others and provide therapeutic relief for what ails them, so it may be difficult for you to understand why a client may feel worse after healing bodywork or a holistic therapy session.

During this course, you will study 12 lessons:

Lesson 1: What is a Healing Crisis & How Does it Feel
Lesson 2: Why Does a Healing Crisis Occurs – Releasing What Is No Longer Needed
Lesson 3: Understanding the Healing Crisis
Lesson 4: The Science of Emotions
Lesson 5: When is a Healing Crisis Likely to Occur?
Lesson 6: Helping Your Client Create an Emotional-Tool Kit to Aid Them through a Healing Crisis
Lesson 7: Advice for Surviving a Healing Crisis
Lesson 8: What You Can Do as a Therapist to Aid a Client Through the Healing Crisis
Lesson 9: How to Help Minimise the Effects of the Healing Crisis during Treatment
Lesson 10: The Importance of Consent
Lesson 11: Trauma Transference – A Natural Response to Stress
Lesson 12: Conclusion

After studying this course, the student will understand:

  • the cause and effects of a healing crisis,
  • how emotions are held within the body,
  • scientific research surrounding emotions,
  • how to recognise a healing crisis,
  • how to prepare for a healing crisis and how to prepare a client for one,
  • how to support someone through a healing crisis,
  • the risks of a healing crisis in therapy,
  • the cause and effects of trauma transference,
  • how to minimise the risks of a healing crisis,
  • techniques for aiding the passing of a healing crisis.
H. Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) for Holistic Beauty and Massage Therapists (125 CPD points)

The subject of human anatomy and physiology is a complex and fascinating one. This course is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in holistic therapy, beauty or massage.

The course syllabus includes 7 lessons:

Lesson 1: Reproductive System
Lesson 2: Organisation of the Human Body
Lesson 3: Cells, Tissues and Cellular Metabolism
Lesson 4: Skin and Integumentary Systems
Lesson 5: Support and Movement of the Human Body
– Skeletal system
– Muscular system
Lesson 6: Understanding the Basic Pathological Disease Process
Integration and Co-ordination
– Nervous system
– Endocrine system
– Special and somatic senses
Lesson 7: Processing and Transporting Systems
– Digestive system
– Respiratory system
– Cardiovascular system
– Lymphatic system

After this course, the student will understand:

  • what human anatomy is,
  • the central nervous system and its role in the human body,
  • the human skeleton system and specific body parts,
  • the various systems at work within the human body and their functions,
  • the structure of the skin,
  • the structure of nails,
  • the structure of hair,
  • urinary system,
  • endocrines,
  • hormones,
  • the reproductive systems,
  • the circulatory system,
  • the respiratory system.


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